Course Overview

This is a performance-based class in which students will study and perform string music from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary composers. Chamber music will also be studied in all orchestra classes, though only the Chamber Orchestra class will pursue chamber playing in depth. Music History, Music Appreciation, Music Theory and Composition will also be part of the course studies. Orchestra is considered an activity as well as a class at Boise High School due to the large number of performances, activities and services the groups provide outside class time.

Concert Dress Code

Women: Long Black Dress (uniform dress purchased from Formal & Bridal Center, 6513 W Ustick Road, Boise), Black nylons and Black dress shoes. The Bridal Center will come to our school to fit the ladies.
Men: Black Tuxedo (purchased at Mr. Formal, 11521 W Fairview Avenue, Boise), Black socks and Black dress shoes (preferably tux shoes). Mr. Formal will come to our school to fit the gentlemen.

Class Requirements and Expectations

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory at all performances. District attendance and tardy policies will be strictly enforced in the classroom.
In Class Participation: Students are expected to come to class prepared with instruments, music, pencils, and a great working attitude. No food or drink, other than water, is permitted during class. No homework from other classes is permitted in class.
Practice: Students are expected to practice outside of class and properly prepare all music they are given.
Extra Performance Expectation: All students are required to attend one concert each semester that they are not performing in. Other school concerts, university concerts and professional concerts are accepted.

Extra Performing Opportunities

Chamber Orchestra: Available by audition only. This group performs advanced string orchestra literature and gives the students the opportunity to do additional performing as a group and in small ensembles.
Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra: Available by audition in the fall. This is a large select symphonic orchestra available to high school students currently involved in their school groups.
All State and All Northwest Orchestra: Available by taped audition only.
District III Solo and Ensemble Festival and State Solo Contest: All students may participate in the District Solo and Ensemble Festival. The top superior performances are then eligible for the State Solo Contest.